Presentation of the symposium

In Tours (France)May 24-26, 2016

The symposium brought together researchers and students from all disciplines, managers of urban green spaces and anyone interested in urban nature and its services.

The purpose of this international meeting was to question the ecosystem services concept in urban environments, with a particular emphasis on its cultural input.

First mentioned in the 1970 MIT report, the concept of ecosystem services was popularized by the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment (MA, 2005).  It’s now used and claimed by many researchers. But numerous questions are still without answer. The thought needs a disciplinary, methodological and epistemological mixing, from ecology to anthropology and from basic research to its territorial application.


The program is available here or in the menu (left side, heading "Program").


The presentations are available on the website of our research program SERVEUR (


The organising committee would like to thank the members of the scientific committee, the speakers and all the participants for their contribution to the rich and numerous exchanges. 


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